Step 1.

Send us a letter via E-mail or US Mail outlining your product line, time line and quantities desired, along with a brief summary of your production plan. This will help our staff match the quality of your product to your end customer. Please also include any photos, spec-sheets and fabric swatches you are comfortable sending.

Our qualified staff will promptly review your Product Line and determine if Left In Stitches, Inc. has the proper equipment and time available for your products.

Upon approval, Left In Stitches, Inc. will send out our Information Package immediately. This will include the necessary information and paperwork for you to begin work with Left In Stitches, Inc. Our package will include Left In Stitches, Inc.'s Confidentiality Agreement as well as our Policies and Procedures.

Step 2.

After receiving your Information Package, please read through the package and sign the Agreement forms needed to start your product. All the information comes in an easy-to-read and concise format. All phases of product development proceed using an easy step-by-step process, so you're always in the comfort-zone with any commitment.

Left In Stitches, Inc. will produce one Sample to your specifications. It will be sent to you for approval. This will allow us to move forward from there. Again, this is a step by step process giving customers the advantage of making changes as the project develops. Once your product meets your approval; Typically our staff will proceed with production of 10 units, the same size and color to determine your best unit cost. The unit price will also be determined by the quantity of your order.

Of course any adjustments and changes can be made by you or suggestions by us (with your approval) during any of the detailed processes, via e-mail, fax or by phone. Our management and staff are always seeking ways to improve all new concepts and ideas to help lower costs, without compromising quality. As quality always comes first at Left In Stitches, Inc… Exceeding Your Expectations, One Stitch at a Time.

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